Preventive Care Save Money

How Does Preventive Care Save Money?

Primary care doctors, such as Innovative Family Health, play a big role in preventive care. Some preventive health care is ...
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The Importance of Dementia Interventions, Strategies and Professional Medical Advice

Your loved one is suffering from memory-loss symptoms that signal dementia or Alzheimer’s. What should you do? Is there any ...
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Coronavirus and Phoenix AZ-

The Coronavirus and Phoenix AZ: An Update

Unless a Phoenix resident was alive during the flu epidemic of 1918-1920, they haven’t experienced anything like what is happening ...
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Is Back Pain Normal As You Age?

The range of motion that your back permits is astonishing in complexity, yet it’s normal to take this movement for ...
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What Makes Our Primary Care Visits So Efficient?

If you’re relatively healthy, chances are you only see your primary care physician a few times each year — once ...
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